Booking Terms & Conditions

Please read these booking terms and conditions carefully. Payment of your deposit is deemed as acceptance of these terms and conditions. Reservations for accommodation are accepted by Mrs Clare Horn, the site owner, trading as Well Farm Cottages & Glamping, on the following conditions: The contact of hire is between the named lead booker (the “hirer”) and Clare Horn, trading as Well Farm Cottages & Glamping. The contract is deemed to have been made once the hirer has completed the booking form, paid their deposit and Well Farm Cottages & Glamping has despatched a confirmation of booking by email or letter. The hirer must provide the following information for each member of their party, if they have not already done so: Contact Details: • Names • Address(es) • Home and mobile telephone numbers • Email address • The ages of any children. Details of your cottage, arrival and departure dates and the price of your holiday are confirmed in the covering email sent by Well Farm Cottages & Glamping.
Payment Methods, Deposit & Balance:
Payment is by bank transfer, Stripe (for debit or credit card) or cheque. Bank transfer: pay Mrs Clare Louise Horn, Santander, sort code 09-01-29, a/c 11227672. Please note that the name must be entered exactly so that Santander recognises it and permits the payment. Cheques: pay Mrs Clare Horn (Not Well Farm Cottages) and post to Kimberleigh House, Oak Lane, Whitstone, Holsworthy, Devon EX22 6T H. Credit/debit card payment is via Stripe to . Please ask if you require this option and we will invoice you. International payments: BIC: ABBYGB2LXXX IBAN: GB03ABBY09012911227672 A non-refundable deposit of one third of the total amount is payable with 3 days of booking. The remainder is due 8 weeks prior to arrival, without further demand. If the booking is made within 8 weeks of the arrival date, then the whole amount is payable within 3 days, and in any event cleared funds must have been provided prior to the arrival date. If the balance payment is not received by the due date, Well Farm Cottages & Glamping reserves the right, at their discretion, to make the property available for re-booking. This does not release the hirer from their obligation. It is possible to secure late bookings by telephone or email.
Rights of Occupation:
The hirer will occupy the accommodation by way of licence only and not under a tenancy. The licence to occupy shall permit the hirer and members of their party as shown on the booking form (but no one else) to occupy the property for holiday purposes only. No more than the maximum number of persons stated on the website and included on the booking form may occupy a property unless by prior written agreement from Well Farm Cottages & Glamping. Extra charges may be applicable. Well Farm Cottages & Glamping reserve the right to refuse admittance if this condition is not observed. Well Farm Cottages & Glamping reserves the right to revoke or refuse prior to, or during the stay, any booking from parties which they consider to be unsuitable for the property. Due respect and consideration to neighbours and other guests must be observed. Large group bookings may only be accepted by special arrangement. Pet dogs may only be allowed to occupy the property if booked and paid for in advance.
Care for Accommodation:
The hirer and their group must keep the accommodation and the surrounding outside and communal areas clean and in good order and will be responsible for any damages or breakages. During the period of occupation, the hirer is responsible for the care of the property and its contents, fixtures and fittings. It is expected that the hirer and their group will treat the property with respect and leave the property and its contents, fixtures and fittings in a clean and tidy condition. This includes the correct bagging and disposal of rubbish/waste/recycling and the bagging and disposal of dog mess from the gardens/grounds in the appropriate bin. Well Farm Cottages & Glamping reserves the right to charge a security deposit payable to Mrs Clare Horn. This deposit will be refunded to the hirer in the week following the holiday, but a deduction may be made for any breakages or damages done to the property, contents, fixtures or fittings, or the communal areas, if the accommodation is not left clean and tidy, or if waste, rubbish, recycling or dog mess is not disposed of correctly, or if damage is done to communal equipment eg the playground or games room. Where Well Farm Cottages & Glamping accepts security deposits it does so as operators. Well Farm Cottages & Glamping will resolve any disputes over the security deposit.
Cancellations & Alterations:
The hirer may cancel a booked holiday in writing to Mrs Clare Horn, Kimberleigh House, Oak Lane, Whitstone, Holsworthy, Devon EX22 6T H or by email to . No cancellation shall take effect until confirmed by Well Farm Cottages & Glamping. If the cancellation is made more than eight weeks before the arrival date, and Well Farm Cottages & Glamping are able to re-let the dates, the hirer will be refunded any money paid, minus a reasonable administration fee and any discount Well Farm Cottages & Glamping made in order to relet the property. If the property is not relet, the hirer remains responsible for the deposit and there will be no refund under any circumstances. From eight weeks before arrival to the day of arrival, the hirer remains responsible for the full rent and there will be no refund unless Well Farm Cottages & Glamping are able to re-let the dates, in which case the hirer will be refunded all or part of the sum already paid, depending on the value of the replacement booking, taking into account whether the property was relet at a discount and the reasonable time and administration costs involved. Once a booking has been accepted and either the deposit or full balance has been paid, it can only be changed to either another property or different dates by treating the original booking as a cancellation. Holiday dates may be changed providing the property is available for the new dates and Well Farm Cottages & Glamping agrees to the change. A booking charge may be payable.
Well Farm Cottages & Glamping shall not be liable to the hirer or any member of their party for any injury, loss or damage to their property or person, however caused.
Lost Property:
The hirer should ensure that all personal possessions are removed on departure from the property. Well Farm Cottages & Glamping reserves the right to dispose of any hirer’s personal belongings after the departure day of the hirer from the property without further reference to the hirer. If the hirer wishes for items to be posted back to him, postage and packing charges will be payable to Well Farm Cottages & Glamping in advance, by prior arrangement.
Well Farm Cottages & Glamping carefully monitor the standard of facilities in all properties and will make the hirer aware of any major changes made since the booking. In the unlikely event of a complaint the hirer should immediately contact Well Farm Cottages & Glamping. Well Farm Cottages & Glamping will endeavour to resolve the problem promptly and amicably. Any dispute arising out of the booking will be between the hirer and Well Farm Cottages & Glampiing. No complaints can be considered after departure from the property.
Unavailability of Accommodation:
Well Farm Cottages & Glamping reserves the right to refuse any booking, and to cancel any
booking already made, if the property is unavailable (e.g. through fire, flood etc.) for any reason whatsoever, subject to a full refund of all monies paid. Well Farm Cottages & Glamping shall not be under any other liability for any other consequential losses if such cancellation occurs. (Note: In the unlikely event of a cancellation, Well Farm Cottages & Glamping will make every possible effort to secure alternative accommodation if required).
THE HIRER IS STRONGLY ADVISED TO TAKE OUT TRAVEL INSURANCE. If the hirer or any of the group are unable to come on holiday due to illness, bereavement, bad weather etc,there is no legal right to an automatic refund. However, if Well Farm Cottages & Glamping re-let the accommodation, the hirer may be entitled to a full or partial refund in the discretion of Well Farm Cottages & Glamping, subject to time and expenses incurred and taking into account that the property may be relet at a discount. However, if a holiday is cancelled at the last minute when preparations have already been made for the hirer’s arrival and the opportunity to re-advertise the holiday has passed, Well Farm Cottages & Glamping reserve the right to offer no refund.
Corona Virus:
Please do not travel to Well Farm if the hirer or any member of the group is suffering from coronavirus or other infectious illness. Well Farm Cottages & Glamping cannot accept cancellations /delayed arrivals due to general fears about Corona Virus or other similar illnesses. The hirer is advised to ensure that they have adequate health insurance to cover the costs of their holiday and other related expenses should they need to cancel the holiday. If a guest falls ill whilst on holiday and needs to stay longer in the accommodation, Well Farm Cottages & Glamping reserves the right to charge the hirer for additional nights during which the accommodation is unable to be occupied by other guests (ie period of occupation plus any additional nights unoccupied due to deep cleaning etc). If Well Farm is in lockdown at the date of travel, or if the hirer’s entire group is in lockdown and is not permitted to travel to Well Farm, Well Farm Cottages & Glamping will offer a full refund, less any payment transaction fees and vat. Alternatively, Well Farm Cottages & Glamping will work with the hirer to find a mutually convenient date to reschedule the holiday. This may cost more than the original dates and if so, the hirer will be liable for the increase. If the revised dates cost less, Well Farm Cottages & Glamping will issue a refund for the difference. The hirer agrees to abide by any public health authority, government or local authority rules or guidance relating to covid 19 during their stay at Well Farm. The hirer agrees to abide by any rules and policies put in place by Well Farm Cottages & Glamping during their stay, which may include the closure of certain facilities or removal of certain items from the accommodation.
Arrivals & Departures:
Unless agreed otherwise, arrival is from 3pm on the first day of the holiday. Departure is by 10am prompt on the final day. Upon arrival the cottage will be unlocked with the key in the front door or under the outside door mat. A welcome tray is provided. Upon departure, the hirer agrees to leave the accommodation on time to ensure adequate time to prepare for incoming guests. The hirer agrees to empty cupboards, fridge and freezer before leaving and to leave the accommodation in a clean and tidy condition. All pet hair and waste must be removed. No furniture (eg beds) should be moved during your stay. Due to official guidance regarding coronavirus, the hirer agrees to empty all food and rubbish from the property before leaving. The hirer agrees to put all bedlinen, towels, tea towels etc in the laundry bag provided before leaving. If weather appropriate and safe to do so, the hirer agrees to open windows prior to departure to increase ventilation.
Guest Behaviour:
Well Farm is situated in a quiet village. Whilst Well Farm Cottages & Glamping welcomes guests who want to celebrate a special occasion, out of respect to local residents and other guests, loud parties are not acceptable. The hirer accepts responsibility for the behaviour of their group. Well Farm Cottages & Glamping reserve the right to request that guests calm their noise / behaviour and, in extreme cases, Well Farm Cottages & Glamping reserves the right to ask guests to vacate the premises and return home immediately, without further redress or right to a refund in full or part.
Household items:
All bedlinen and towels are provided plus a bath mat, teatowels and dish cloths. One hand and one bath towel per person per stay. The hirer and their party should bring their own beach towels/ hot tub towels / pet towels. Please bring own cot bedding if required. Please bring pet bedding, bowls etc.if required. Cots/highchairs/stairgates: Please let us know in advance if these are required. The hirer should bring their own cot linen.
Free internet access is available on site, subject to network availability. The hirer and their party agree to respect this facility which is provided for their convenience and the hirer and their party agree to refrain from engaging in illegal downloads or looking at illegal sites etc whilst on site. During periods of full occupancy at the cottage, please be aware that high usage may slow down broadband speeds. The hirer agrees to be be considerate in their usage. Network name and passwords can be found in the welcome folder. Well Farm Cottages & Glamping accept no responsibility or liability to guests for network outages, slow speeds, or for inability to work on site due to poor internet performance.
A dog is welcome by prior arrangement in some cottages. A pet premium of £30 per dog per week or short break is payable. The hirer may only bring such pets as are mentioned on the booking form, they must be in good health, clean and pest free, house trained, up to date with flea prevention treatment and vaccinations and well behaved. They are not permitted in the bedrooms or on any furniture in the property. Well Farm Cottages & Glamping cannot accept responsibility for their safety. “No pets” or “Pet free” in a description of a property may not guarantee that pets have never occupied the property. The hirer must not not leave pets unattended in the cottage at any time – this is unfair on the dog and can result in damage to the cottage and furnishings. Any damage must be paid for. The hirer agrees to ensure that dogs are kept under control at all times, in consideration of other guests and any livestock in surrounding fields. The hirer may ask if they wish to walk/exercise their dog in the fields – this can usually be arranged by speaking to Mr Michael Axford, who lives at Wesley Barn, Well Farm. The hirer agrees to bag and bin dog waste immediately, using the dog bin provided. A list of dog-friendly beaches in North Cornwall can be found on the internet. This varies depending on the time of year. If additional or deep cleaning is required as a result of the dog’s stay, the hirer will be charged any additional expenses incurred.
Children’s Play Area / Games Room:
A play area is provided for children’s enjoyment during their stay. The hirer agrees that nobody over the age of 16 will use the outdoor play equipment. The hirer and adults in the party must supervise their children at all times whilst they are using the play equipment. Please note that the cottages are built around a sloping courtyard which may be considerably steeper than children are used to when using their bikes/scooters. Well Farm Cottages & Glamping accept no liability for damage to person or property or for injuries incurred by children whilst playing on their own bikes/scooters whilst on site. Guests are welcome to use the indoor games room (top of the courtyard, with the stable door). The hirer agrees to leave it clean and tidy in consideration for other guests and to supervise children in their party whilst they are using the games room.
Electricity is inclusive in all cottages. The hirer agrees to be energy aware, just as they would be at home.
Open fires / Camp Fire:
All cottages except Well Farm Cottage have open fires. Logs can be purchased from Whitstone Spar. The hirer agrees to use fireguards provided and to extinguish fires prior to going to sleep or leaving the accommodation. The hirer agrees to clear the ashes and fire grate prior to departure. Please do not light candles in the property. The campfire in the orchard is for the use of glamping guests. The hirer agrees to extinguish the camp fire fully prior to leaving it or going to bed.
Each cottage has a kettle barbeque. The hirer agrees to clean the barbeque prior to departure and dispose of ash and charcoal. If staying in Well Farmhouse or Well Farm Cottage, please ensure that lit barbeques are at least 2 metres away from the building (there is thatch within the roof cavity.) The glamping pod has a gas barbeque. The hirer agrees to read the instructions before use and to turn off the gas when cooking is finished. The hirer agrees to clean the barbeque after use and prior to departure.
All accommodation at Well Farm is non-smoking and non-vaping. The hirer and their group agree only to smoke outside at a safe distance from accommodation. The hirer and their group agree to use the exterior plant-pot ashtrays provided, which must be emptied prior to departure. The hirer and their group agree that no illegal substances shall be smoked or otherwise taken or consumed during their stay. Well Farm Cottages & Glamping reserves the right to ask guests to leave immediately if they have reason to believe that there has been illegal drug use on the premises and the hirer shall have no further redress or right to a full or partial refund in these circumstances.
Hot Tub:
The hot tub is for the exclusive use of hirers of Rivendell Glamping Pods. Rules found in the welcome folder must be adhered to at all times. The hirer agrees to only use the hot tub in accordance with the guidance and rules provided.
Force Majeure:
Well Farm Cottages & Glamping cannot accept liability or responsibility for any alterations, delay or cancellation or any other loss or damage caused by war, civil strife, terrorist action, industrial disputes, fire, sickness, bad weather, epidemics, acts of any government or public authority, changes imposed by re-scheduling of airlines or public transport or any event outside of our control.
Well Farm Cottages & Glamping cannot be held responsible for any perceived inadequacies in any of its accommodation. Property descriptions and all details (written and verbal) on our websites and social media are given in good faith and are believed to be correct, but their accuracy cannot be guaranteed. We reserve the right to amend our property prices quoted on the internet due to error or omission. In this unlikely even, the potential hirer will be notified immediately and may cancel their provisional booking accordingly.
We hold your details (names, address, contact numbers, email address, the ages of any children) for the purpose of forming your booking contract. We do not use this information for any other purpose, nor do we sell or share it with anyone else. We do inform my parents, Michael and Marina Axford, who live at Well Farm, of your name and home town and the accommodation you are staying in. They will usually be there to welcome you upon your arrival. Details of our website privacy policy are found on our website.
During your stay:
We reserve the right to enter the property during your stay (even if you are out) if necessary for maintenance or other reasons. We will minimise our time in the property and will not touch your personal possessions unless essential to do so. If something goes wrong during the stay, the hirer agrees to notify Well Farm Cottages & Glamping as soon as possible so that steps can be taken to rectify things. Inevitably, things sometimes break down but it is helpful if we know immediately, rather than finding out during the Saturday changeover. Thank you for your cooperation.
Please do ring or email if you have any queries or problems before or during your stay.
Contact details are as follows:
Clare Horn Kimberleigh House, Oak Lane, Whitstone, Holsworthy, Devon EX22 6 T H.
Tel: 01288 341482 / 07724 195709
Website: /
We are on facebook and Twitter ( ) – please become our friend and keep in touch with latest news and offers.
Legal Jurisdiction:
The contract is governed by English law and interpretation. In the event of any dispute between the hirer and Well Farm Cottages & Glamping, it shall be referred to the jurisdiction of the English courts only and any action shall be heard in the court for the area in which the property is situated. These booking conditions supersede all previous issues. Finally, we hope you have a very enjoyable holiday at Well Farm. Clare Horn Well Farm Cottages & Glamping
And Finally … Directions:
Satnav is great, but it isn’t perfect. It has a little blindspot where North Tamerton is concerned. It likes to play a little trick on unsuspecting guests, who are tired and “nearly there”. It likes you to travel the last 15 miles or so down some horrible single-track lanes with quite a few pot holes and a very very narrow bridge. These instructions should cause you less stress (and less scrapes on your car): Well Farm Cottages are in the village of North Tamerton on the Cornwall side of the Cornwall / Devon border. Just to confuse you, we have a Devon postal address! From the M5, J31 at Exeter, take the A30 towards Okehampton/Launceston/Bodmin. At Pennygillam Junction leave the A30 and you will come to Pennygillam roundabout. Take the fourth exit for town centre/ Bude / Holsworthy. Follow the road into town (coop petrol station coming up on the right if you need it) – keep going and you’ll see Launceston Castle high on your right. Bear left down the long hill until you go over the little bridge, past another petrol station and come to a mini roundabout. Take the second exit straight up over St Stephen’s hill, over speed bumps. Pass St Stephen’s church on the right and continue out of town on the B3254. You’ll come to Yeolmbridge (over a one-way bridge),then to Ladycross and Bennacott. After about 9 miles you will see a right hand turning marked “North Tamerton 2 ½”. Take this turning – it is a country lane with farmland on either side. Upon entering the village you will see terraced bungalows on the left and houses to the right. Proceed down the hill straight through the small crossroads (church on left set back from the road). After a further 100 metres the road bends slightly to the left and you will see the entrance to Well Farm on your left. Proceed up the drive – you have arrived! If you reach the stone bridge at the bottom of the hill in North Tamerton, you have missed the entrance – do a U turn. But if you really want to do it your way (!) our postcode for satnav is EX22 6RX